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Adobe Flash : The solution for producing and delivering high-impact websites. Flash is the dynamic, media-driven standard for designing high-energy, high-impact, low-bandwidth site navigation interfaces, technical illustrations, long-form animations, and other dazzling effects for websites. Flash employs a clearly structured and intuitive interface.

WS Ftp : Take control of FTP transfers. WS FTP is the long-time standard by which other Windows FTP clients are judged, and for good reason. It provides two intuitive interfaces for easily transferring files and directory structures between FTP servers and your local computer: the classic WS FTP interface and a Explorer-style interface.

GetRight : Download files with power and ease. GetRight is a very good utility for downloading files. It's powerful, easy to use, and highly configurable. You just have to copy an address to the clipboard, and it will grab it and let you choose a destination. You can even drop links onto a drop box. It then shows the address, saving location, percentage, and size of your download progress, plus the time left and average efficiency as it downloads.

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