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Norton Internet Security : Protect your PC from Internet threats. Norton Internet Security protects your family and computer from perils that arise from accessing the Net. A personal firewall protects your computer from hackers and trojans, providing three security levels. The program also provides three privacy levels to keep personal information from being given out without your knowledge or consent. It's so powerful and easy to use, you should try it !!

Norton Utilities : Check, diagnose, and repair your system. Norton Utilities lets you find and fix problems, improve performance, run preventive maintenance, and troubleshoot your system. WinDoctor checks your system for problems, CrashGuard lets you monitor and recover from crashes, and DiskDoctor can diagnose and repair disk problems.

PGP : Encrypt your files and emails. PGP Personal Privacy is the world's standard for data protection. It can protect personal items such as email attachments and files. You will have to generate two separate keys. The widely distributed public key will encrypt information, while the private key will unlock email or attachments.

McAfee Visual Trace : Trace TCP/IP paths from your PC. Visual Trace (previously NeoTrace) traces the TCP/IP paths from your computer to any destination you choose. It's a highly intuitive alternative to the Windows "tracert" utility. It's very fast and can simultaneously check multiple hops. It graphically shows all the hops that a packet traverses between two points and gives information on each node, such as names of devices and response time between hops, making it a great diagnostic tool.

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