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iTunes : Apple's digital media player application It's for playing and organizing digital music and video files. The program is also an interface to manage the contents on Apple's popular iPod digital media players as well as the iPhone. Additionally, iTunes can connect to the iTunes Store via the internet to purchase and download digital music, music videos, television shows, iPod games, audiobooks, various podcasts, feature length films (available only in the USA and Canada), Movie Rentals and Ringtones.

Winamp : Play MP3s, CDs and other audio formats. Best known for its playback capabilities of both standard and streaming MP3 files, Winamp has become the standard to which all other MP3 players are compared. But this power-packed freebie also lets you audition files in other popular sound formats (.wav, .mid, .voc, .mod...) or play CDs.

Audiocatalyst (from Real): Easily make MP3 files from audio CDs. If you're looking for the easiest way to make .mp3 files from your CDs, you should use AudioCatalyst. This well-done 32-bit tool has a easy-to-use interface. Making perfect digital .wav copies from CDs without having to go through your sound card, AudioCatalyst can encode the audio to the compressed .mp3 format using Xing's built-in MP3 encoder engine.

RadioSpy : Find your favorite Internet radio fast. There's a lot of great music being streamed over the Net and RadioSpy can bring it to you. It searches for all the SHOUTcast, Windows Media, and RealAudio streaming audio servers on the Internet. Then it conveniently sorts them by format, amount of listeners, bandwidth, and other infos, ready to launch in your Winamp, Windows Media Player, or RealPlayer...

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