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ACDSee : Browse, view, and manage graphics. You should have ACDSee. This excellent graphics tool provides a wealth of image viewing and browsing tools using a speedy, efficient, easy-to-use interface. A full-featured image viewer quickly displays your pictures, while an image browser lets you efficiently locate and organize your graphics. ACDSee also gives you a nice assortment of image manipulation functions, including a convenient Photo Enhancer. Try it !

Photoshop : Create and enhance digital images. Over the years Adobe Photoshop has become the de-facto standard for digital image enhancement, photo retouching, and image compositing. You can expand your creative power with precise masking, contact sheets, layer effects, extensive filter support, and more. I use it maybe everyday...

Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro : Manipulate and view graphics files. Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro is a graphics powerhouse that contains the tools you need to paint, edit, and retouch your images, plus a browser to help manage your graphics files. You can import photos from scanners and digital cameras, create images for brochures and newsletters, and design snazzy-looking web graphics.

Gif Movie Gear : Create animated GIFs with ease. You can create and optimize GIF animations with this software. It gives you a graphical way to put together animated .gif files. The animation's frames are displayed as a collection of filmstrips that can be oriented either horizontally or vertically. Your work can be previewed, palettes can be reduced, and animation can be optimized.

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