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Home > Lebanon in Videos > History   UPDATED!

Watch these 8 videos to see the beauty, diversity and rich culture that Lebanon has to offer!

Lebanon in Videos: History

Lebanon in Videos: Ski

Lebanon in Videos: Reconstruction

Lebanon in Videos: Food

Lebanon in Videos: Nighlife

Lebanon in Videos: Wine

Lebanon in Videos: Summer

Lebanon in Videos: CNN 2009
CNN 2009

Lebanon is at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa, and has more small layers of history than any other country on earth. It is more than the glory of the Phoenicians. It has been a melting pot of civilisations! There are five sites related to world heritage and Lebanon is very concerned by their conservation, trying to keep the sites as natural as possible. It is a magical sensation and wonderful experience to visit Lebanon! The history is part of one's everyday life. Visitors from all over the world are coming to Lebanon. The history of Lebanon reflects the history of humanity...

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